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  • Moroccan Adventures Part 5 - The Finale

    "There is a third dimension to traveling: the longing for what is beyond" 
    - Jan Myrdal, Lanterns 

    We arrived into Meknes on a Friday, after two active days in Fes. On this holy day in the former Moroccan capital, the streets were calm and people moved slowly. It was a welcome change. Our week of non-stop touring was starting to wear on us. Thankfully our guesthouse, the Riad Safir, was a stunning and soothing retreat. After enjoying some fresh jus d'orange and cinnamon-sugared cookies upon check-in, we set out. We ambled through the sleepy souk and munched on purple olives in the jardin zoologique. Then, a horse-drawn carriage ride just as the golden hour descended upon the ancient city. I felt as though we were moving in a different time, my heart heavy with anticipation of the inevitable return to the familar.
    Though that's the end of our journey, it's not quite the end of the story. More to come soon on Moroccan food and travel recommendations. For now, some photos below so you can see a little of the magic of Meknes*... 
    *The last few photos are from Casablanca, where we spent our final evening before an early morning return flight home.